Growing up was not easy, as is the case with many.
The only things that got me through the storms were silence, understanding, and art

I learned from a very young age to look at everything through the lens of creativity. That was really the only way for me to have some sort of greater appreciation for my life and life all around me.

Recently I left my job, tried another one and lasted 3 months …something isn’t right with me. My heart and mind are continuously unhappy with the constraints of a 9-5 job. I would much rather work hard and lose sleep over something I have control over and I feel proud of.

Here’s what it comes down to…I keep thinking “I would much rather” so that’s what I’ll do.
I’m going to fill in as many of the “I would much rather” as I can.

Starting with this blog.

Because really, I would much rather write to all of you then sit at a desk arranging someone else’s calendar and life.

I would much rather share my life with those who choose to know about it than those who are forced to listen to it out of sheer obligation, pity, and politeness.

If you’re joining me I hope that you can relate to the things that I write. I hope that it helps you weather your own storms and you come to realizations that will make you take the leap into changing your own life.

After all…wouldn’t you much rather write your own destiny than rely on the universe and others around you?

15 thoughts on “Home

  1. mamamlk

    I’m not happy with most 9-5 jobs either. I’ve tried everything…receptionist, waitress, factory work, dishwasher, bus girl, answering service, gas station, Authorized AT&T sales, Best buy, and now a daycare teacher and other than best buy I didn’t last at any place for longer than a year. I think I’m just got good at working for other. I’d rather work for myself doing something I am passionate about.

    Sooo….here here!!!

      1. mamamlk

        Yes it is!!! Now if only I could convince my hubby to let me quit my day job and pursue photography on a professional level! 🙂

  2. alexandrajcornwell

    I totally agree. The first step is the hardest – after that it is just following one’s journey. On Monday this week I got the official news that I’d been accepted into a new enterprise support course which will give me a certificate qualification in small business management while I write and refine a business plan for my proposed e-publishing and marketing business. That was about 15 minutes and a 100m walk from the post box where I’d just collected a rejection letter from a potential local employer in an industry sector where I have worked for 16 out of the last 20 years before I was retrenched from a senior professional role nearly 5 years ago. Knowing that the door was open for me to take a different path turned that rejection letter into an affirmative and freeing moment! No more applying for jobs that made me feel like I was merely submitting to putting my head back into a noose. Yay!

    1. finn.of.fortuna Post author

      Well done – congrats! I have to agree that it is difficult to get out of your line of work especially when you commit so much of your energy and time. I’m still trying to branch off to something different and get out of my field and I have to say, I didn’t think it would be so difficult. I do believe in patience and waiting for the right moment; when the time is right, things will happen. So glad that your time has come – all the best!

  3. alexandrajcornwell

    Thank you.
    I met two wonderful people today: Martin Darke who has developed THE resume-writing book for jobseekers “The 30-second Impact Resume” (he generously offered me some tips on e-publishing from his own experience with this best-seller)… then I met an inspirational speaker and former US baseball player Michael Crossland – who has been put on this planet for a purpose that juvenile cancer and a damaged heart cannot stop him from doing. We couldn’t even get 2 degrees of separation because he grew up in Coffs Harbour!

    1. finn.of.fortuna Post author

      Well said! It is so easy to fall into that black hole of hate and find the negative in everything. I think there is a way to find inspiration and beauty in the negative aspects of life and come through positive 🙂

      1. Manelli Bochelli

        That’s the truth. I try to be more of a Tigger than an Eeyore. The long ears and attitude drag you down. So many people are critical of hopefulness in a life full of reality. Keep smiling!

  4. Megan Harker

    For me, growing up was never easy either. I can relate to that. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. You’re going to be just fine:)

  5. Aric Jorn

    Although I can’t claim to have had a difficult childhood (and I had the advantage of being born into a family of artists who were very supportive when I told them I wanted to go to art school), I made the mistake of thinking the only way to move forward after graduation was to engage in a traditional career. It took me nearly 10 years as an art director at a big ad agency in Chicago to realize it was killing me inside. So I too have jumped off the corporate ladder and struck out on my own to be the fine artist I have always been inside. I found your post inspiring, familiar and insightful – and I thank you for sharing your heart. It’s easy to feel alone as an artist and wonderful every time I am reminded that there are others like me out there, each one of us trying to find our way as an individual in a sea of conformity.

    1. finn.of.fortuna Post author

      Aric, thank you for your wonderful comment. I have to admit to you and all my readers that I have “fallen off the wagon”. I have gone back to the corporate side for the past year. Although, there is a tremendous difference this time. I have been plotting away in my head a creative business and using my job to squirrel away a savings fund for said business. I also made sure I took a job that was still in the creative industry and that it was covering a 1 year maternity leave. Being on contract is a good way to be reminded that this is not my future and that I have other plans in store for me. I’m always so proud of my fellow artists when they are brave and take the leap into believing in their talents and passions. Congrats and please keep in touch 🙂


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